Conventional Ammo

Small Caliber: (5.56-12.7mm, 20Ga & 12Ga)

small caliber ammunition

Arrow Tech has specific expertise in optimizing accuracy of small caliber weapon systems.  Our understanding of ballistics allows us to optimize a system for a specific mission and environment.

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Medium Caliber: (20mm-57mm)

medium caliber ammunition

Arrow Tech has extensive experience in medium caliber ammunition design and analysis.  Arrow Tech developed the GAU-8/A ammunition for the primary weapon on the A-10 Warthog as well as the M-244 for the Phalanx gun system.

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Large Caliber: (90mm-203mm)

large caliber ammunition

Projectile design & analyses, FEA, radar data reduction, dispersion error budget analyses, sabot discard analyses, in-bore balloting analyses, case-chamber interaction studies, interior ballistic “Sticker” simulations.  

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