One of Arrow Tech Associates’ founding fathers was a career aero ballistician who started his career at the US Army Armament Research Development Engineering Center (ARDEC) prior to joining industry and ultimately founding Arrow Tech.  Aerodynamics and flight simulation has always been at the core of what Arrow Tech does best.  Arrow Tech’s expertise has grown from development of conventional munitions to aero design, analysis, wind tunnel and flight test of the most complex and revolutionary munitions pushing the art of the possible in range and maneuverability. 

Arrow Tech has unique capabilities in designing, analyzing and testing complex aerodynamic shapes for standard projectiles and PGMs that maximize range, maneuverability and accuracy.  Arrow Tech has worked on some of the most cutting edge air frames and undersea vehicles from original concept development, system effectiveness simulations, wind tunnel and free flight testing.  

Aerodynamic Design

Arrow Tech has experienced aerodynamacists capable of interpreting key performance requirements and designing novel airframes to meet program requirements for both gun launched munitions and undersea vehicles.  

Wind Tunnel Testing / Aero Model Development

Arrow Tech’s aerodynamicists have developed state of the art aerodynamic shapes using advanced aero prediction/analysis tools that go beyond the capability of commercial CFD software.  Our experience can then be applied to the next phase of test planning and execution to select an appropriate wind tunnel facility, develop optimal wind tunnel test models and  plan a test that collects the data required to make critical design decisions and to develop a complete aero database for 6DOF flight simulations.