Projectile Rocket Ordnance Design and Analysis Software (PRODAS)

 PRODAS is an integrated collection of analyses in an environment designed to accelerate the design process for the munitions designer.  Capabilities include: 

  • Geometric modeling
  • Mass properties
  • Aerodynamic prediction using multiple codes
  • Flight simulation of ballistic and guided projectiles
  • GNC prototype development
  • Dispersion prediction
  • Control authority prediction
  • Firing tables
  • Interior ballistics
  • Terminal effects
  • System effectiveness simulations
  • Structural analyses including in-bore balloting and case/chamber interaction
  • Software development kit for integration of other analyses

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Physics Based Radar Reduction & Trajectory Reconstruction

RADAR is a software product for the reduction of live fire ballistic test data captured with a doppler tracking radar. It uses a physics-based model to re-construct the complete trajectory and determine drag and spin as well as rocket motor burn characteristics (burn on/off and thrust) when a rocket motor is present.  The trajectory reconstruction is accomplished by simultaneously fitting the measured radial velocity, radar elevation, radar azimuth and spin data.  RADAR contains bi-directional interfaces with Arrow Tech’s PRODAS software.

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