Mechanical Design & Analysis

mechanical and structural analysis

Dynamic Analysis of Mechanisms

We team with our customers' designers and provide functional analysis of mechanisms.  Arrow Tech is experienced with mechanical safe and arm devices and typical mechanisms used in precision munitions to control and deploy flight surfaces.  We don’t stop with analysis – we’ll propose alternative solutions to meet the requirements.

Gun Launch Structural Analysis

Surviving the launch environment is a challenging problem with all gun launched munitions.  We have experience from many programs ranging in caliber from 5.56mm to 155mm artillery projectiles and everything in between.  We have interior ballistics and balloting simulation codes to aid in developing load cases.  With precision munitions the problems are often hiding in the small details of internal components.  Our experience helps to focus analysis effort on the most significant risks first.  We’ll work closely with the design team to resolve issues uncovered by analysis. 

Concept Design

Arrow Tech will work closely with  aerodynamicists to develop concepts into mechanical systems that can meet structural and functional requirements.