Meidum to Large Caliber Ammunition Experience

In Medium and Large caliber ammunition, Arrow Tech has done a diverse assortment of tasks, ranging from projectile design, to interior ballistics simulations and charge establishment, to balloting simulations and dispersion assessments.  Below is a nearly complete list of Medium and Large caliber ammuntion programs Arrow Tech has worked  on: 

  • 20mm: PGU-27, PGU-28 & PGU-30, XM 1031 & XM1032, Mk149, Mk244
  • 25mm: M791, M793, PGU-34 & PGU 35, M919, M910
  • 30mm: M788, M789, PGU-13, PGU-14, PGU-15, Mk264, MK266, Mk258, MK268, Mk310 & various high velocity (6000 FPS+) test fixtures
  • 40mm: M781, M433, M385, M918, M430A1, Mk281, Mk285
  • 70mm: Rockets
  • 90mm: M690A1 APFSDS-T
  • 105mm: M393, M456A1, M774, M833, M900, M1060A3
  • 115mm: APFSDS-T
  • 120mm: M829, M829A1, M829A2, M829A3, M830, M830A1, M865, M934, M1002
  • 155mm: M549A1, M795 (M198 & M185 Cannons), ERFB
  • 203mm: M650A1 (M203A1 Cannon)