Modeling & Simulation

modeling and simulation

Customized Solutions

Our engineers can draw from a library of validated simulations to rapidly develop simulations for unique munitions concepts.  Examples include:

  • Systems effectiveness modules for unique cases:
    • Systems with unique lethality scoring or error budget.
    • The first systems using muzzle velocity measurement for precision air-burst.
  • Flight simulations for unique configurations like PGK which required a 7th DOF for the de-spun       nose of an artillery projectile.
  • Evaluation of fuze safe and arm performance over a wide spectrum of launch conditions as seen in air launched rockets.

In somewhat less technical areas, Arrow Tech has developed several web based systems to support demilitarization programs.

GNC Algorithm Development

In-house developed flight simulation and GNC modeling tools facilitate rapid concept evaluation, trade studies and proposal support.  Experienced in development of complete GNC algorithms for innovative airframe designs as well as real time speed loss in turn algorithms for terminal maneuvers, sonar domes and low cost practice training torpedoes.  We have also developed Hardware in the Loop (HIL) simulation laboratories for several systems. 

GN&C algorithms

GN&C algorithms

visualization tools

Visualization Tools

Visualization tools are an excellent way to communicate a system's dynamic capabilities in a way that's easily understood by a broad community.  Effective simulations and visualizations enable you to show your custom solution's capabilities in different concepts of operation, environments and even launch platforms.  Arrow Tech's visualizations have been extremely effective in "selling" programs to prime partners and the DoD.