About US engineering services

Arrow Tech Associates, Inc.

Located on the shores of Lake Champlain in South Burlington, VT, Arrow Tech was founded in 1987 by two passionate engineers: Bob Whyte, a career aeroballistician and ammunition development technical leader and Dr. Bud Stearns, an expert in non-linear structural dynamics. Together they launched Arrow Tech Associates, Inc. with the goal of creating a company that values its employees and customers under the guiding principal of “What be fair”. 

Since its founding, Arrow Tech has contributed to nearly all tube launched munition programs ranging from small caliber through artillery and mortar munitions. 

As munitions continue to evolve, so does Arrow Tech.  Arrow Tech continues to grow our people, capabilities and experience from our traditional core expertise in engineering services to include aerodynamic design, aerodynamic prediction, stability analysis, guidance, navigation and control (GN&C) and flight simulation in conventional munitions to all aspects of precision guided munition design, analysis and test. 

Arrow Tech was founded and still thrives today on smart people solving hard and unique problems.